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I am interested in Baptism!

Would you like to be baptised or to have your children baptised?

The United Church baptises both children at the request of their parents and older youth or adults ready to make their own decision.  The minister likes to meet with both parents prior to the baptism. The decision to baptise a child is not a decision that can be made for a child by anyone other than the child's parents/guardians.

The minister will meet with you and can offer you information on baptism and what it means.

When a child is baptised the parents promise to raise the children in faith, and seek education in faith for their child.  Both parents do not need to be Christian, but both parents should agree that they wish baptism for their child and that they will seek the support of a Christian community (a church) for their child. 

The United Church, with the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church have an agreement that we all recognize the Christian Baptism of other Churches.  You don't have to be baptised more than once.  Families and friends of all faiths are welcome to attend a baptism - in fact anyone is welcome to attend church here anytime. 

In a multicultural society we hope that all children will be offered opportunities to learn about faith, and about all faiths, and that Christian faith may provide them with a language for life, joy, redemption and justice seeking that may last their whole lives.