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Worship Sundays  9:30AM

You are welcome for coffee and conversation after worship service every Sunday.





Oakridge United Church

1296 West 67th Avenue

Vancouver, BC  V6P 2T2


Mailing address:

8330 Hudson Street

Vancouver, BC  V6P 2T2 


Telephone 604-324-7444



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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Believing that we are not alone,
we strive to bring all people into communion
with each other and with God.
We will provide opportunities to
grow in faith, foster hope,
and explore and cherish love
in the name of Jesus Christ

Our Purpose

  • To worship God as revealed to us through Jesus the Christ.
  • To seek to understand God’s will as revealed in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures as well as in the experience and tradition of all humankind.
  • To make known God’s message and love. To strengthen and uphold all who share the fellowship of the church.
  • To further the spiritual growth and the training of its people.
  • To participate in God’s purpose of bringing all people into unity with God and one another.
  • To help those in need whomever and wherever they may be.
  • To stand against all forces which tend to demean or destroy people.
  • To strive for that which creates right relations among all people of this earth.